Stephanie Reiter has been surrounded by health and wellness for as long as she has been alive. She’s a qualified yoga teacher & a wellness photographer. Born to 2 General Practitioners (one integrative) and with a naturopath and a herbalist for sisters and a brother who owns a health food store, she has been immersed in natural therapies and healthy eating from a very young age.

Stephanie has a Just Eat Real Food, low toxicity philosophy. She likes to make all her foods from scratch and balance each meal with good fats, carbs and protein. The Chemical-Maze is her bible. She doesn’t put anything on her skin that she can’t eat and she makes her own household products. Today she enjoys yoga, cross-fit and getting active outdoors in nature.

The Paleo diet works best for her life-long auto-immune condition Thrombocytopenia (low platelets) because it’s dairy free and grain free (gluten free).  At age 14 she went vegetarian for ethical reasons and stayed that way for ten years. She was always eating real food – having plenty of fresh fruit, big salads & veggie juices. She was a ‘carb-a-tarian’ having bread and pasta and she was ALWAYS hungry and tired.

Stephanie grew up with an active mind-set and craved movement. She was fortunate enough to have a home with a tennis court, swimming pool and trampoline, and at one stage was doing six extra-curricular sports a week. At the age of 18, a Tony Robbins event changed her mindset – and her life – forever. She let go of her limiting beliefs, gained an optimistic mindset and developed self-confidence.

At age 19 she founded Total Capture Photography and works around the world as The Wellness Photographer taking photos of health practitioners, events, retreats and adventures using her decade long experience of both photography and health to capture the essence of wellness.

At the age of 24 her integrative GP mum suspected she was a protein-metabolism-type. She started to have ‘just one a little taste’ of meat and from that point on her body craved. She was able to go six plus hours between meals and rarely felt hungry and no longer needed daytime naps.

At 27 she started 6am boot camp three times a week and got great results! When Steph Lowe (The Natural Nutritionist) wrote a meal plan for her she eased up her heavy-meat based diet and balanced that out with plenty of good fats and healthy carbs (veggies). Feeling on top of the world that fuelled her passion even more.

In 2016 at age 29 she spent a month photographing a health retreat on the Greek island of Ikaria – one of the blue zones. She ate plenty of seasonal, organic wholefoods and the only ‘unhealthy’ thing was the amount of buttered bread. Testing her bloods on return her platelets had halved and were dangerously low. She went off dairy and gluten immediately and within just a few weeks her platelet count skyrocketed for the first time in her life! To this day she is strictly gluten free and 99% dairy free.

In 2017 she completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training with Power Living Australia.

Steph has always been an intensely curious person who has craved knowledge. Much of her health and wellness education has been self directed. Whether it be listening to podcasts, self directed study or attending seminars (The Bioceuticals Symposium, David Perlmutter, The Wellness Summits The Wellness Breakthroughs, David Wolfe, Don Tolman and Tony Robbins just to name a few) she has always sought to learn more so that she could improve her own health but also the health of others. She is now taking her message to the world in bigger and bigger ways.

Today she travels the world as The Wellness Photographer and she also shares her wisdom as The Wellness Lifestyler  through social media, blogging, writing, speaking, teaching yoga classes and running her own events to inspire thousands of people to join her on her wellness journey.