Yoga Classes

  • Mat hire available
  • Private one-on-one $50
  • Group classes $20

Our Vinyasa classes have a strong dynamic flow. We teach you to connect with your breath, become present, tune in to your body and build strength, core stability, balance and flexibility. Embrace a state of flow. This is dynamic, explorative and challenging. Incorporating creative sequencing, anatomical focus areas and traditional teachings. All fitness levels welcome as we provide safe modifications & encourage listening to your body. Using the body as a tool of transformation and self-discovery, we take you deep into the physical experience so as to surpass worldly distractions and focus on being present, building strength and maintaining safety throughout. Classes are suitable for everyone, from beginners through to experienced yogis. We have a strong emphasis on safety and modifying the class to suit individual needs. Please wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and a water bottle. We provide block and straps.

Our Yin classes are a slower class focusing on gentle restorative poses, with a few minute holds in each pose and using bolsters and blocks (both supplied) to support the body. We work areas deep into the fascia tissue and connective tissues of the body. Bring balance into our busy ‘yang’ lifestyle. This subtle practice aims to still both the mind and body, offering an opportunity for meditation as well as physical relaxation. Working towards depth from a place of surrender, Yin targets the body’s energetic system, connective tissue and fascial tissue. These systems are an integral part of achieving unity across body and mind. When functioning together, we create optimal communication, mobility and structure throughout the body. Yin yoga uses bolsters, blocks and straps provided.

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