Rock natural makeup. Embrace your style. Feel confident and fabulous. #bestphotosever

Making people feel good is our speciality – capturing it on camera is a happy coincidence.

Our Philosophy:

Total Capture click with people who like to keep it real. Our team is made up of fun-loving, health-conscious and down-to-earth humans who aspire to be your friends first, photographers second. In fact, our ‘job’ feels more like hanging out with awesome people, taking amazing pictures and immortalising your stories, every single day. After all these years, we still pinch ourselves. As wellness photographers, we offer a good-for-you alternative to traditional photoshoots, with pure organic makeup, nourishing snacks and personalised styling that’s true to you. We say nup! to stiff and boring poses and hell yeah! to fun and spontaneity – in fact, we have 12 years’ experience capturing relaxed, candid moments on camera. We’re here for individuals and families who want an uplifting and empowering photographic experience; less awkward and more authentic. Less hairspray; more natural elation. So if you, like us, believe that natural is beautiful, real is radiant, and happiness is better than any filter, give us a tinkle. We’d be delighted to show you what our photography is all about. (Pssst! Our teams are based in Melbourne and Adelaide, but we’re happy to discuss travel plans… to Tahiti.)

We Are:

📸 Snappers of sacred moments.
📸 Makers of everlasting memories.
📸 Friendly, fun-loving and bubblier than a Soda Stream.
📸 Believers in all things natural and spontaneous.
📸 Determined to rid the photography industry of harsh chemicals and toxic makeup.
📸 Not fond of pushy sales tactics. Keep only the photos that make your heart sing.
📸 On a mission to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy – right from the start.
📸 Passionate creatives who revel in the process.
📸 Expert stylists who listen, facilitating your natural flair.
📸 Whisperers of wriggly kids and tired toddlers.
📸 Mary Poppins for newborns.
📸 Skilled at winning over ‘too-cool-for-this’ teens, ‘I hate photos’ husbands, and ‘this is awkward’ adult sons.
📸 Wellness, yoga and fitness devotees.
📸 Nutrition geeks and nourishing food nuts.
📸 Professional put-you-at-ease’ers.
📸 Highly experienced in both natural and studio lighting.
📸 Enamoured with what we do.
📸 Hippies at heart.
📸 Dazzled by our clients, daily.

You Are:

💁 So over cakey makeup and cheesy poses.
💁 A woman who prefers a boho, earthy and elegantly simple vibe.
💁 A man who’s after a quick hero headshot – done once; done properly.
💁 Seeking photos you can look back on in 30 years without cringing.
💁 Craving natural snaps infused with fun.
💁 In desperate need of a corporate headshot that doesn’t make you look like a stunned mullet in suit.
💁 After a diverse and dynamic portfolio for your brand.
💁 Seeking authentic, genuine and beautiful forever photos of your family.
💁 Not so comfy in front of the camera (we can help with that).
💁 Comfy in front of the camera, but wanting a fun and creative photographic experience (we can also help with that).
💁Looking for photos that speak to the heart, and photographers who keep it real.

If you resonate with our approach and want to start the conversation, simply give us a tinkle.

We’d be delighted to create magic with you.

The Nitty Gritty:

Even though we love a laugh, we’re serious about what we do. Here you’ll find the nitty-gritty details about our service – from qualifications to photo quality and everything in-between.

✔ AIPP accredited
✔ Specialising in portrait photography in both studio and natural lighting
✔ Over 12 years’ experience
✔ Professional makeup artistry
✔ Professional (and non-cringey) personal styling
✔ We are based in Melbourne & Adelaide and happy to travel up to 1.5 hours for free, or anywhere further for a small reward.

The Photos:

✔ Are hand edited individually. Batch-processing? Not on our watch.
✔ Are chosen together with you. We look for those telltale tears and exclamations of ‘OMG! YES! That’s the one!’
✔ Are produced at professional photographic labs to the highest standards.
✔ Come with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.
✔ Are wholly yours – rights included.
✔ Are creative, personalised and dynamic, adding oomph to LinkedIn profiles, websites, mantelpieces and more.
✔ We have options for choosing your favourite images, but if you really can’t decide, we now offer a ‘I WANT ‘EM ALL!’ pack that represents reeee-diculous value for money and lets you walk away with the lot.